Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Laundry woes

Lest you go thinking I'm that woman, rest assured.  I don't do laundry. Really.  I have stacks upon stacks of laundry overflowing onto the floor.  I can say it's because I really don't want to go down into my creepy basement, but really, it's just because I'm lazy and hate laundry.  So there it sits, until my husband realizes he has no matching socks or clean pants, and he takes a load or two down himself, which then makes me feel guilty that I haven't done it.  You'd think guilt would be the motivator to head down once a day with a load or two myself, but I'm a master excuse-maker, and probably just too lazy.


  1. I don't do laundry, either, and my husband inadvertently supplies me with the same guilt. My laundry room isn't in a basement, so I'll go ahead and blame the old-as-Methuselah, unbalanced washing machine that rips up the linoleum every time I run it. Yeah. That feels right. :D

  2. Gauntlets- I'm honored you stopped by. Even more you honored you commented! Thank you.

    Funny thing happened shortly after I posted. The guilt wore me down enough to go throw in a load. I gathered it up, headed to the basement door. Made it two steps before Little Bit woke up from his nap. The basket is still sitting on the bed. (See what I mean about master excuse-maker?)

  3. Call me crazy, I love laundry. I don't really like folding it, and even more I loathe putting it away. That's obvious in our house...baskets of clean laundry sit around in bedrooms until they're nearly empty (but not because I put them away...).

    Perhaps the joy for me comes in using my new machines and new laundry products. I love throwing clothes into the tub, pouring various concoctions into the drawer and pushing all the fancy buttons. And crazy me, when the weather's lovely, I actually enjoy hanging my clothes on the line.

    cooking and laundry - - no strain to do them. now if only I could find the same love and joy for dishes, scrubbing, uncluttering, dusting, etc.

  4. Anon- Put the two of us together, I guess someone would get a good wife. Though we might be fighting over the cooking duties.