Sunday, October 31, 2010

Herky Jerky Turkey Lurkey

There's something to be said for the inane, humdrum tasks of housewifery when done in solitude.  Think sweeping, washing dishes, or in tonight's case, de-boning a turkey (Betty Crocker herself claims "Turkey  isn't just for Thanksgiving.  It's an any-meal, any-day, any-time-of-the-year kind of bird!"  And for 88 cents a pound, I'll take her up on the offer!).  Boring and annoying as these tasks may be, when done in solitude, they offer the woman a chance to ruminate.  A chance she doesn't get much any other time of the day, as she's constantly plagued by the desire (or demand) to meet the needs of those around her.  Mindless tasks give her the opportunity to fulfill both the needs of others--we all need clean floors and dishes, and someone's got to pick those little savory pieces of meat off the bones--and her need for peace.  Perhaps this opinion stems from my own introversion, but I do believe that everyone at sometime needs a chance to chew the cud.  So women, put the children to bed, let your husband watch the game, and get to picking.  After all, those morsels of meat are highly versatile and nutritious.

My, my, won't you be tasty in a sandwich!


  1. I roasted a turkey today and thought of you. Bought it last week for $.89 a pound and added a coupon to really sweeten the deal. Why I hadn't thought of this earlier is beyond me. Thanks for the most delicious practical advice I've had in quite some time. :)

    The turkey is picked clean, the dishes are washed, and the kids are in bed ... I think I shall follow.

  2. Nice! They are now on sale here for $.48 a pound, as long as I have a separate $25 purchase. Sometimes I really wish for a deep freeze- but I'm still guaranteed two moves and don't want to haul that around with us. Someday . . .