Friday, November 26, 2010

It's worth sharing....

Anonymous said...
"It is highly typical of the rabid plagiarism which now passes everywhere for emancipation, that a little while ago it was common for an "advanced" woman to claim the right to wear trousers; a right about as grotesque as the right to wear a false nose. Whether female liberty is much advanced by the act of wearing a skirt on each leg I do not know; perhaps Turkish women might offer some information on the point. But if the western woman walks about (as it were) trailing the curtains of the harem with her, it is quite certain that the woven mansion is meant for a perambulating palace, not for a perambulating prison. It is quite certain that the skirt means female dignity, not female submission; it can be proved by the simplest of all tests. No ruler would deliberately dress up in the recognized fetters of a slave; no judge would appear covered with broad arrows. But when men wish to be safely impressive, as judges, priests or kings, they do wear skirts, the long trailing robes of female dignity. The whole world is under petticoat government; for even men wear petticoats when they wish to govern." -G.K. Chesterton "What's Wrong with the World"


  1. So it's funny...I've been reading your blog for a little while now...then I had dinner at your mom's house last night! :D I had no idea you were you. Nice to meet you! :) My husband is a pastor in your dad's circuit. They've been so welcoming to us!

  2. My mother told me! I've been reading yours, too. She mentioned to me that you were grinding your own wheat, and I thought awhile back, "Hey, Melrose grinds her own wheat, too! I wonder if they have the same mill..."

    Nice to meet you too!

    My husband actually filled in for your husband back in July before we moved up here on vicarage. Funny how small the world gets as you grow up.

  3. I love the book "What's Wrong with the World". Chesterton brings clear common sense truth to bear against exalted but empty arguments, the presuppositions of which, many people have never previously questioned, until he graciously, humorously, and very insightfully debunks.
    And the way he writes... *sigh*... brilliant.

    (p.s. I also really like this quote - )

  4. Leah-
    That leads nicely into my next post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. lol, Leah that's so funny! Well thank your Mr. Ways of her household :D Thanks to you both we got to go see our family back in Indiana :) The world definitely does get small! After my 3rd son was born last new year's, the doctor on call was the aunt of one of my husband's classmates at the sem!! We figured it out because my husband had his collar on and she asked if he was Lutheran :)