Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hoopde doopde! You'm genuis!

Though I haven't (yet) been able to locate any scholarly articles on the subject, I'll take this as a reassurance that I ought not worry so much that my son still doesn't sleep through the night.


  1. My middle child is such a morning person, he needs way less sleep than anyone else in the house. Our third child started sleeping through the night at about six months which was a year and a half before his older brother started sleeping through the night. (He was four...)
    Our nighttime routine was this: put child to bed - two to three times, nurse the baby, enjoy an hour or three of down time and quiet cleaning, nurse the baby, go to bed, wake up and put child back into bed, nurse the baby, wake up and pull child into our bed, get kicked in the head several times by said child, wake up to husband stomping off to sleep on the couch, doze for an hour or two, time to get up and feed the baby! What do you mean I'm grouchy? Why would I be grouchy?
    Some kids just don't sleep no matter how much you really, really wish they did...

  2. Thanks! It's so great to hear that other parents can't get their children to sleep either! :P I feel it's a huge accomplishment that he stays in his own room for several hours each night before wandering in and sleeping with us. Just the other night he stayed in his room until 5:00am! We had to put him back to sleep twice, but it was in his own room! I'm finally starting to feel hopeful about sleep!