Friday, January 6, 2012

Hunger Games Junkie Looking for a Fix

I had been warned that if I picked up Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games I wouldn't be able to stop.  And it's true.  As gruesome and appalling as the plot sounds, it's incredibly gripping.  (I'm working on a review, but refuse to comment too much until I see how the series concludes.)  I plowed through the first book in two days.  Then I checked out the second, and finished it today.  And now I need the third book in the series, Mockingjay.   But unfortunately, the library is closed, the waiting list for the book is 94 people long, and I've used up my one free book a from the Kindle Lending Library.

So if anyone out there happens to own the Kindle edition, I hear you can lend your copy to someone once, for 14 days.  I promise to return it to you before the 14 days expires.  I'm desperate.


  1. If you haven't gotten a hold of a copy, yet, try the large print at your library. My husband got Jobs' biography a a few weeks after it was published, because no one thought to reserve the large print.

  2. That's a great idea! Wing It Mom lent me her copy, I just haven't been around to post anything since. I'll check out other large-print editions of books I'm hoping to read.

  3. I read all three books in about two days -- loved the series! Right now my 12 year old son just finished with the third book, and my 19 year old is finished with the first book. My 16 year old read it before me, and my 20 year old before her. So we just keep passing the books along, LOL. I just got a Kindle for Christmas (love it!) but of course I didn't download The Hunger Games since we already have the hard copies.

    Just found your blog and am getting to "know" you :)

    They All Call Me Mom