Saturday, October 26, 2013

Goodbye, garden

Hello, root cellar?

Okay... I can't take credit for the popcorn. 

Okay, not quite.  First off, this room is much too warm and dry to be a true root cellar.  Furthermore, it wouldn't be prudent to store jars in a damp place.  However, with a few modifications, such as adding a second door, insulating the inside walls, scooting the shelves out a couple of inches, and installing an air-intake pipe for ventilation, this room would be well on it's way to becoming a root cellar.

Funny that I know this kind of stuff.  Seems I've recently become obsessed with root cellars after reading this book: 

 My husband says this obsession makes me weird. My father says I was born three generations too late. I'd probably agree with both of them.  But how cool would it be to fill this basement storage room with bushels of apples, pounds of potatoes, heads of cabbage, and crates of carrots? Or is it just me?


  1. Add some racks to store homebrewed beer and/or homemade wine, that might convince 'em...

  2. Our parsonage in MN was built in the 60s and the first pastor that lived there built a root cellar in one of the rooms in the basement. We didn't know that when we first moved in and I couldn't figure out why the one room had so many bugs and was colder than the rest of the basement. He still lived in the area so when he told us that then we learned to close the vents certain times of the year. I did store all my canned goods down there on shelves neatly, did not store fruits and veggies there. I miss the root cellar. Our brand new house has a very nice pantry with shelves, but it is right off the kitchen and I have had potatoes go bad much quicker than before. We do not have a basement here so that is really the only place to store my full canning jars.