Sunday, June 6, 2010

Set it, and forget it!

The Witherspoon Institute has an interesting article reflecting on the Pill's 50th anniversary, and the consequences of the newer forms of contraception.  R.J. Snell argues that IUD's and hormonal implants will further separate fertility from sexuality by allowing society to more completely "forget" that fertilization is the natural purpose of our sexuality.

As an experienced pill user, I can honestly say that the pill didn't help me forget that children are the natural result of my relationship with my husband.  Rather, it helped me remember that children were the unwanted natural result of our relationship.  I worked hard to remember that little pill, and if I forgot, we worked hard to remember Plan B.

With the newer forms of birth control, I wouldn't have had to remember to take that darned pill every day.  As Ron Popeil would say, I could "Set it, and Forget it!"  Not only could I forget about remembering to take my pill, I could forget that I was trying to prevent children from intruding on my marriage, and my marriage bed.  I would never have to think about how I denying myself one of God's greatest blessings.

At least with the pill, I had a daily reminder that I was actively trying to prevent children.  At least with the pill, I had to question each month if I should refill my prescription. At least with the pill, I could opt out of contraception without having to make an appointment with my gynecologist.  At least with the pill, there was a chance I would consider the consequences of my decisions.

Get the full article from the Witherspoon Institute here.

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