Monday, August 23, 2010

My new addiction

Embroidery! What a wonderful thing I have found.  It started a desire to make Hubby's stoles while we're out on vicarage. The problem was, I hadn't ever tried to embroider anything.  So I figured someone out there would have put out some videos to show me the basics, or I could find someone in the congregation to teach me. Last week, I found a great website with over 50 videos of stitches, and I tried the simpler ones, then moved on to the more complicated and complex.  Now, I can't stop.  I'm dreaming up the elaborate designs I could make, deciding which stitches I can use to best fill in designs, and trying to master perhaps one of the most complex stitches out there, the plaited braid stitch. I'm close. Very close. I'll give it one more try tonight before bed. 

Won't that make a lovely border on a stole?

Check our Mary Corbet's embroidery blog here.

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