Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't feel so bad for wearing sweats.

There's a reason I don't watch the Emmy Awards.  Or the Acadamy Awards. Or any other awards.  I find the hubbub slightly ridiculous.  I like good acting as much as the next guy; I have a Netflix account.  But when it comes down the glitz and glamor, it has no place in my life.  Those women were professionally dressed and styled- and gorgeous.  They are, after all, the Ideal American Woman. So I found it rather appalling when I overheard (I do mean overheard.  My son can turn the TV on by biting the remote) the criticism concerning their dresses, makeup, and hair.  The following comments from the Today Show seemed more appropriate directed at me on any given day, not them.  So I laughed.  I don't feel so bad for wearing sweats and t-shirts anymore.  Have a laugh with me.

"Her hair was just kind of down and blah."

"Her hair looked not as polished as it could- or the makeup either."

"She needs a product for frizzies.  There was some serious static- electrostatic something or other going on in that head.  Not a fan of it."

"She was so busy getting her dress on, she didn't have time for her hair!"

"This is a really great testament to why some dresses work in magazines, but not in person."

My Sunday morning glitz and glamor

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