Sunday, December 12, 2010

Needs vs. Wants

Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out the difference between needs and wants.  Some examples:

Son crying in the middle of the night: Does he need me, or want me?
Shopping for clothes: Does he need more pajamas, or do I just want to do laundry less often?
Shopping for groceries: Do I need more flour, or do I just want to bake more cookies?
Watching Cars:  Do I need peace and quiet, or do I just want a moment to myself?

So last week, while at the mall buying a pair of shoes to replace the one the dog chewed (a definite need), I glanced at the boots on the rack.  I thought to myself  "Gee, I bet boots would be something I would need, seeing as we're living in a state that tends to get a lot of snow."  Then I glanced at the prices.  "Nah, it's probably just a want.  I can deal with regular old flats.  I've walked through lots of snow before and dealt with wet feet just fine."

And then it snowed. 

A week later, it snowed again. 

Two days later, it snowed again.

And now the wind's blowing, and the drifts are upwards of 3-4 feet.

I think the boots were a need.


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