Thursday, January 6, 2011

The IQ is dropping by the minute around here.

Yesterday, I opened the dishwasher in an attempt to get the milk.

I used "meaned" as the past tense of "mean" instead of "meant."  (And I'm picky about grammar.  Really picky.)

I misplaced my glasses around noon, and my husband finally found them this morning.

I had superb idea for a blog post, but since I can't recall the brilliant idea, you get this one.

So I'm buying one of these, and hopefully my brain will get back on track.  Thanks to The Happy Housewife, you can get a coupon code here.


  1. I won't even tell you the number of charts I have made up and printed out for myself and my children over the past thirteen years. Somehow each one has gradually fallen along the wayside. Perhaps yours will really work for you though!! I'm still searching for a method that will get my brain on track. *sigh*

  2. :D

    How old is your baby? I find my brain starts to threaten a vacation around six months into the baby's life, then really leaves right around the time I wean (for us 15-ish months). That's just me. I think it's different for everyone.

    Once, right around the time I was weaning my second kid, I thought I'd lost my wedding ring. I panicked. I freaked. I cried and did all sorts of desperate flinging about. I ended up calling my husband who came home and found it within minutes, on the ring stand, where it belonged.

  3. My favorite is when I throw the trash down the basement stairs instead of into the trash can.

  4. Gauntlets- He's 18 months now. My brain started to go right after he was born (emergency c-section + severe sleep deprivation + hospitalization after 2 weeks = one very bipolar, non-functioning woman.) It made a brief comeback, but I've entered a downward spiral again.

    Rebekah- Can't say I've done that. At least not yet.