Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The tedious little hobby I've aquired

I was finally brave enough to try out my idea on the brocade I bought for my husband's stole.  And no, it's not done yet!  I still have to fill in the spaces, and whip-stitch the outline.  There's also the task of adding four lilies...

Best of all, this is just practice.  I don't have much goldenrod thread left, so I doubt I'll be able to make a match, if I'm even able to fill the spaces...

Gotta love embroidery.  It's addicting.


  1. Beautiful! There's nothing like creating something lovely and useful with your own hands.

  2. Thanks! I do feel very feminine when I'm stitching. And I'm just darn proud of myself!

  3. Wow! That is awesome!!! You are very talented!

  4. That's awesome, Leah. I used to do this sort of thing in high school. Just yesterday my 3-year-old said the daughter in "The Oxcart Man" is knitting, when in fact she is embroidering linen. So we talked about the difference, and now I have a daughter very excited about learning how to embroider. Nothing like having kids (or a pastor-husband, in your case) to get me motivated.

  5. Beautiful work. It is truly lovely. I would love to have the patience to embroider a stole.