Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sometimes I feel like a hamster

A month ago I thought to myself, "Ahh.  I finally feel settled in this wonderful house."

Good timing, as Call Day is May 1, and I'll get to pack everything back up this summer to start over.  Again.

If only it were that easy . . .


  1. Hopefully the last move for a while? I am planning on watching call day to see how everything goes. I have heard that we are getting a candidate next door at Holy Cross this year, they have been vacant almost three years I think. Praying that you get a good match that you will be able to throw away all the moving boxes (or at least store them in the attic :-). Shortly after we moved here, a friend was moving and I gave her all our moving boxes. It was liberating!!

  2. I hope it's the last move for a long while. I intend to throw most of the boxes away. Mostly because they're really old, but also because I'm hoping that I would have to use them again!

    I'll keep my ears open for Holy Cross! I didn't realize they had been vacant so long.