Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrifty? Or just hopeful?

Part of this year's move is downsizing.  I've acquired a piano (it was Great-Grandmother's, how could I say no?), and I intend to make space for it in the moving van by ditching it's cubic-foot equivalent in boxes of other stuff.  So it's out with the extra tongs and rarely-used spatulas, vanilla scented candles and flower vases, lidless Tupperware and tired-out clothes.  I'm even sorting through boxes the boxes we we left in the basement labeled, but unpacked.

There's one corner of the basement, though, that pains me each time I walk past.  It's the corner where we've piled up the bins of clothes our son has outgrown, the supports for the cradle we no longer use, the baby toys he doesn't like anymore, the box of maternity clothes I haven't worn in years.

In saving them, I had no question I would need some of them again- at least the maternity clothes.  But possibly those baby clothes as well.  We could have another boy!   So we kept them.  A year passed without a pregnancy, and therefore no baby to wear the clothes.  I moved them that summer, thinking they'd save us money if we had another boy on vicarage.  But the year passed without a pregnancy, and therefore no baby to wear the clothes.  I moved them again.  Another year has passed without a pregnancy, and therefore no baby to wear the clothes.  Now they sit in the corner of the basement, reminding me all the while that there still is no other baby to wear the clothes, despite all of our prayers.

I can't help but wonder if there ever will be another baby to wear those clothes.  I can't help but wonder if I'm missing the small wonders happening around me with the son I do have by holding on to those clothes and moving them one more time.  I can't help but wonder if I ought to let someone else get some use out of them, and trust that God will provide should he see fit to give us another child.  Perhaps letting go of those clothes would help ease some of the pain.


  1. I love "out with the extra tongs, and lidless Tupperware, etc." to make room for the piano. I also have a piano handed down from my husband's mother, which I know he will never part with. So where we go, it goes, and we make room for it. As far as the maternity and baby clothes, cradle and toys it is a hard thing. Maybe you could go through them, bittersweet though it will be, and narrow them down to the most special things, that you could take with you more easily. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Lots of the white onesies, tee shirts and socks, for example could be given to someone, but some of your son's outfits that were extra special to you can move with you. I know there will be a flood of memories, as you look at the clothes he and you wore, and hold them, and that will be hard. What I have done sometimes, is decide on a certain size box, and pack it with some of my favorite things, to hold onto, and it becomes a very special box of memories, and maybe it will get used by you again, or maybe not, but you have it for now anyway...without the mental pain of moving and storing stacks of stuff you may never use, and which cause you anguish. If you do have another baby, getting everything you need will happen, so I wouldn't worry about that. Hope this helps a little. I am praying for you.

  2. I will remember to pray for you Leah. God's peace to you, and much enjoyment of that sweet little boy I know you love.

  3. My heart hurts for you, Leah. I will pray.